Brow Lamination

Brow lamination is a new trend that is taking the beauty industry by storm.

You’ve probably seen pictures of perfectly coiffed, spiky brows everywhere on your feed with the hashtag of brow lamination. You’ve also probably wondered what exactly this is.

This blog post will clear up any questions you may have about brow lamination.

What is Brow Lamination?

Basically a perm for your eyebrows, this new brow technique is perfect for those who want to change their eyebrow’s appearance without committing to a semi-permanent or permanent makeup procedure. It’s known as the “needle-free” alternative to microblading.

The procedure is a 3-step process by which the brow artist applies relaxers to the brow hair as a first step. These relaxers break down the bonds in the hair and allow the artist to style it. The last step is to apply a special cream to hydrate the brow hair.

The final result is completely made over eyebrows, without any downtime. No wonder it’s burning through the shelves!

How Long Does It Last?

Results can last up to 8 weeks in tip top shape, but may last longer depending on the client’s lifestyle.

No worries, you can shower and exercise normally as you usually do. The lamination should endure your normal wear and tear. However, it’s also a bit like going to the gym: the more you do it, the better your results.

The more often you apply the lamination to your brows, the more your eyebrows are going to be more malleable and adaptable.

Is Brow Lamination For Me?

Many people who consider getting permanent makeup do so because they have little hair on their brow. Perhaps they lost it due to aging, or simply overwaxing or overplucking. Whatever the case, permanent and semi-permanent makeup offer a more longterm solution to a thinning brow.

If you have hair on your brow and you’ve never had permanent makeup or microblading before, then perhaps brow lamination is for you. You can get the desired end result without any downtime and especially, for a much lower investment.

At Skin & Brows Redefined, Brow lamination costs $120. If you want the microblading look without ever facing a needle, brow lamination is for you.

Book an appointment today and see for yourself the magical treatment everyone is raving about!

Permanent Eyeliner

Permanent Eyeliner

Looking for permanent eyeliner in Columbia, SC?

Oh, eyeliner rush! That dopamine high that comes after achieving the perfect, smoothest, most cat-eyed eyeliner.

We’ve all felt it. And how great it feels!

But for every perfect eyeliner application, there’s the dreaded “raccoon-eye” morning look the next day. No matter how much you wipe, wash or scrub, a bit of eyeliner always seems to remain.

What a pain taking it off!

If you’ve ever wanted to jump off the eyeliner hamster wheel, but didn’t know you could, let me present permanent eyeliner.

Permanent Eyeliner in Columbia, SC

star dust eyeliner, a form of permanent eyeliner done by Ruth Armistead at Skin & Brows Redefined at Columbia, SC

Star Dust eyeliner, a form of permanent eyeliner done by Ruth Armistead at Skin & Brows Redefined at Columbia, SC

Permanent eyeliner tattoo is for you if you LOVE eyeliner but HATE having to apply it or take it off.

The procedure is done with a permanent makeup machine, a needle and special pigments. Using organic pigments, the permanent makeup artist tattoos the perfect eyeliner for you in less than 1 hour!

Does It Hurt?

You are going to feel it. The process, as described above, involves using a needle to tattoo your eyelids, so it may be a bit uncomfortable.

That being said, we use the best numbing agent in the market so we make sure you are as comfortable as possible during the entire procedure.

We apply the numbing cream after doing the initial study of you want your eyeliner to look. After this, the numbing cream take about 15 – 20 minutes to numb the area and we get to work right away.

Types of Permanent Eyeliner

At Skin & Brows Redefined you can get the best permanent eyeliner work in Columbia, South Carolina. Most importantly, we offer different techniques to suit all tastes.

The Classic Eyeliner starts at $350 and is what will most closely resemble pencil eyeliner. The goal with this technique is to recreate a made up look and to have the eyeliner look very obvious. It is perfect for anyone who loves having eyeliner on all the time!

The Lash Enhancement technique starts at $250 and is the most subtle of the eyeliner techniques. The goal with this technique is to shade in the space between your eyelashes so that it looks like you have a bit of a tint, but without looking like there’s a line on the eyelid.

Want a more casual look? The Star Dust Liner technique is an evolution of the classic technique in that it is a powdered effect that makes the eyeliner look more natural by giving a bit of a smudged look.

And finally, for anyone wishing to complete the look, bottom eyeliner starts as $200 as a single service or $150 as an add on to a top liner service.

Ready to Ditch Your Eyeliners?

If you’re ready to say “sayonara” to spending at least $15 on ONE single eyeliner and save not just money, but time every day, permanent eyeliner is for you.

Schedule an appointment with us and see for yourself how much easier getting ready will be in the morning with permanent eyeliner!

Microblading in Columbia, SC | Know Before You Ink

Microblading in Columbia, SC | Know Before You Ink

Looking for microblading in Columbia, SC?

It was 2015 and there was a new beauty trend on the horizon.

It was called “microblading” and it was what put permanent cosmetics on the map.

A Google search for the term “microblading” churns out 24,800,000 results. On Instagram, there are more than 14 million posts tagged “microblading.”

So much talk about the term might give people the idea they know what it is. But do they, really?

Microblading in Columbia, SC

So what is this novel brow technique?

Before we delve more into what microblading is, we need to understand the broader category it falls into: permanent makeup, or permanent cosmetics.

Permanent cosmetics is the art of creating makeup looks that don’t wash off at night. For licensing purposes, permanent makeup is considered body art, but it is solely to enhance features. This other post in our blog explains more about permanent makeup.

A Bit Of History

Tattooing has been around for centuries and when the English explorer James Cook visited Polynesia with his crew, England discovered the art of tattooing.

Sutherland McDonald was the world’s first tattoo artist, and he is also rumored to have been the first to explore cosmetic tattooing by tattooing blush on his clients’ cheeks.

Since the beginning, permanent makeup tools have been like those for artistic tattooing. They are usually electric, can be held like a pen and carry a needle at the tip.

An example of a permanent makeup machine in Columbia, SC

An example of a permanent makeup machine

The electric permanent makeup machine uses a needle that deposits pigment into the skin as it swiftly moves in an up and down motion.

Microblading Revolution

Around the year 2015, a new tool appeared in the market for permanent makeup professionals. This was the “microblade,” a handheld tool similar to an exacto knife with a slopped point made up of tiny needles.

The idea was that this tool would allow artists to create extremely natural hair stroke patterns that would resemble natural hair on the brow.

Permanent makeup artists had been creating this look with their permanent makeup machines for years, but the microblade offered an additional benefit: it was semi-permanent.

The non-electric microblade penetrated only superficially into the skin, which meant the pigment deposited wouldn’t last very long. Microblading requires yearly touch-ups and generally lasts between 6 -12 months.

Popularity Boom

The public went nuts with this catchy term. News outlets quickly caught on. They spread the word about this “novel” technique that made sparse eyebrows seem fuller. And it wasn’t a long-term commitment.

Microblading’s semi-permanence made it attractive. It became a half-way point for women who wanted fuller eyebrows, but weren’t sold on permanent makeup.

Permanent makeup can last 3-5 years without a touch up. And, while the color might fade through the years, some pigment will remain visible.

This is why microblading became such a popular term. The problem is people do not understand the difference between “microblading” and permanent makeup and use the terms interchangeably.

Is Microblading For You?

Now that you know the real story behind microblading, you might be wondering if it’s for you.

Like we mentioned above, microblading became sort of a stepping stone for many women who want to ease their way into permanent makeup.

If you have never had permanent makeup on your brow area before and you want to get an idea of what not filling in your eyebrows every morning is like, start off with microblading. When it’s time for your yearly touchup, upgrade to permanent makeup.

If, at this time, you still don’t want to go full in with permanence, choose a very light brown color and it will not last as long as darker ones.

To be a good candidate for microblading, you also must meet skin type requirements and not have had prior permanent makeup on your brows.

Microblading in Columbia, SC

If you are ready to get microblading for the first time, please give us a call and book your appointment. We can’t wait to see you!

Looking for Permanent Makeup in Columbia, SC? Look No Further

Looking for Permanent Makeup in Columbia, SC? Look No Further

Looking for permanent makeup in Columbia, SC?

Stop searching, you’re in the right place.

If you love makeup but hate applying it or taking it off, you’re probably a good candidate for permanent makeup.

You probably have a lot of questions and that’s okay.

In this post, I will explain exactly what permanent makeup is and why you’ve been missing out all these years. Let’s get started.

Permanent Makeup in Columbia, SC

powder brows

Powder brows is the latest craze in the realm of permanent makeup. Its style is meant to look like compact makeup eyebrows. Artist: Ruth Armistead, Skin and Brows Redefined, Columbia, SC.

Permanent makeup, or permanent cosmetics, is a branch of micropigmentation.

Micropigmentation involves placing pigment into the skin with a needle to enhance natural features. For example, scalp micropigmentation creates the illusion of hair follicles and areola tattoo helps breast cancer survivors reconstruct their breasts.

Most commonly micropigmentation is used to create a makeup effect in what is known as permanent makeup, or PMU.

Is it a tattoo? No, not really.

Artistic tattoos are meant to decorate the body in a noticeable way while micropigmentation is meant to intensify features. Therefore, permanent makeup can be done on:

  • eyebrows to make them seem fuller
  • on eyelids as eyeliner
  • on the lips as lip color

Another benefit of permanent makeup is that it gives you the look without having to redo it every day.

When you wash your face, your permanent makeup eyebrows will still be there.

No risk waking up looking like a raccoon with smeared eyeliner. Permanent eyeliner gives you fancy, smear-proof eyeliner.

And lip color? Permanent makeup lips gives you luscious lip color that is more fade-proof than any lipstick.

How is it done?

To do permanent makeup we need a permanent makeup machine. It looks similar to an artistic tattoo machine, but instead of ink, it uses pigments that are more subtle, lighter and especially designed for facial use.

The micropigmentation machine is electric and uses a variety of needles depending on the desired effect. For brow enhancement, for example, the artist dips the needle in the pigment and creates fine strokes or shading on the brow.

What is the difference with microblading?

microblading columbia sc

Notice the difference between microblading and powder brows? While powder brows goes for a compact, made up look, microblading is more subtle and can pass off as natural brow hair.

Many people confuse permanent makeup with microblading, so let’s set the record straight: they are not the same thing.

Microblading is a technique that is done with a handheld, non-electric tool called the microblade. The tool looks similar to an exacto knife, or a regular pen with a slopped blade made up of tiny needles at the end.

The artist doing microblading dips the tool in the pigment and proceeds to draw on the brow area, creating the illusion of fine, crisp hairs.

The difference of machine brows and microblading then comes down to the tools

Microblading is manual and creates only one look, and machine work is electric and creates a variety of looks.

Machine brows can be any technique, like ombré brows, powder brows, 3D brows, combination.

However, microblading is only one look and is only for the eyebrows.

You might also be wondering why microblading is said to be semi-permanent.

The microblade tool is not electric, so it relies on manual pressure to deposit pigment. If the pressure is too much, there is risk of scarring. To prevent this, the artist must apply the pigment only on the outermost layer of the skin. For this reason we consider microblading to be “semi-permanent.”

When an artist does “machine brows,” on the other hand, they use the electric machine which deposits pigment into a deeper layer of the skin. The machine’s needle moves up and down very fast and deposits the pigment by puncturing, rather than scraping the skin. Because the needle penetrates the skin a bit more than a manual tool, machine brows last longer than microblading.

Skin And Brows Redefined Permanent Makeup in Columbia, SC

You’re in luck! At Skin And Brows Redefined we are experts in permanent makeup.

Our founder, Ruth Armistead, has completed over 12 permanent makeup trainings. Moreover, she is devoted to client satisfaction.

Permanent makeup is for you if you want to:

  • Ditch your eyebrow pencils and eyeliner and save 10 – 20 minutes every morning
  • Improve the appearance of sparse or very light eyebrows
  • Get luscious-looking lips that stay rosy 24/7
  • Enhance your lash line so it looks like you’re always wearing mascara

What Should I Expect After Booking My Appointment?

During your appointment with us, Ruth, or the artist you choose, will first explain the procedure. You will also read and sign some forms and then we will proceed with the consultation part of your appointment.

During this first part, the artist will measure out your eyebrows and come up with a unique design most flattering for your features. You will be able to see the difference between what would draw yourself and what the artist will draw. Clients are often shocked to find they’ve been drawing their eyebrows uneven for years!

If you are having lips or eyeliner the procedure is the same. The artist will draw with a pencil the proposed design and you will be able to make suggestions depending on what you like best.

Preparation & Procedure

After the mapping or pre-design, we will pre-numb the area. We use topical anesthetic that is strong enough so you don’t feel a thing. Some clients even doze off, can you believe it?

Once the area is numb enough, we can begin the micropigmentation process. This usually takes about one hour.

After the permanent makeup eyebrows are done, you can look at yourself in the mirror! This is usually the most exciting part of the appointment and some clients even cry of joy!

We will explain your aftercare routine so you take the best care possible during the healing stage. You can now go home and rest or take a million selfies with your new eyebrows. Send us all the selfies you’d like, we love them!

We hope to see you soon at Skin & Brows Redefined.