Permanent Eyeliner

Permanent Eyeliner

Looking for permanent eyeliner in Columbia, SC?

Oh, eyeliner rush! That dopamine high that comes after achieving the perfect, smoothest, most cat-eyed eyeliner.

We’ve all felt it. And how great it feels!

But for every perfect eyeliner application, there’s the dreaded “raccoon-eye” morning look the next day. No matter how much you wipe, wash or scrub, a bit of eyeliner always seems to remain.

What a pain taking it off!

If you’ve ever wanted to jump off the eyeliner hamster wheel, but didn’t know you could, let me present permanent eyeliner.

Permanent Eyeliner in Columbia, SC

star dust eyeliner, a form of permanent eyeliner done by Ruth Armistead at Skin & Brows Redefined at Columbia, SC

Star Dust eyeliner, a form of permanent eyeliner done by Ruth Armistead at Skin & Brows Redefined at Columbia, SC

Permanent eyeliner tattoo is for you if you LOVE eyeliner but HATE having to apply it or take it off.

The procedure is done with a permanent makeup machine, a needle and special pigments. Using organic pigments, the permanent makeup artist tattoos the perfect eyeliner for you in less than 1 hour!

Does It Hurt?

You are going to feel it. The process, as described above, involves using a needle to tattoo your eyelids, so it may be a bit uncomfortable.

That being said, we use the best numbing agent in the market so we make sure you are as comfortable as possible during the entire procedure.

We apply the numbing cream after doing the initial study of you want your eyeliner to look. After this, the numbing cream take about 15 – 20 minutes to numb the area and we get to work right away.

Types of Permanent Eyeliner

At Skin & Brows Redefined you can get the best permanent eyeliner work in Columbia, South Carolina. Most importantly, we offer different techniques to suit all tastes.

The Classic Eyeliner starts at $350 and is what will most closely resemble pencil eyeliner. The goal with this technique is to recreate a made up look and to have the eyeliner look very obvious. It is perfect for anyone who loves having eyeliner on all the time!

The Lash Enhancement technique starts at $250 and is the most subtle of the eyeliner techniques. The goal with this technique is to shade in the space between your eyelashes so that it looks like you have a bit of a tint, but without looking like there’s a line on the eyelid.

Want a more casual look? The Star Dust Liner technique is an evolution of the classic technique in that it is a powdered effect that makes the eyeliner look more natural by giving a bit of a smudged look.

And finally, for anyone wishing to complete the look, bottom eyeliner starts as $200 as a single service or $150 as an add on to a top liner service.

Ready to Ditch Your Eyeliners?

If you’re ready to say “sayonara” to spending at least $15 on ONE single eyeliner and save not just money, but time every day, permanent eyeliner is for you.

Schedule an appointment with us and see for yourself how much easier getting ready will be in the morning with permanent eyeliner!