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It was 2015 and there was a new beauty trend on the horizon.

It was called “microblading” and it was what put permanent cosmetics on the map.

A Google search for the term “microblading” churns out 24,800,000 results. On Instagram, there are more than 14 million posts tagged “microblading.”

So much talk about the term might give people the idea they know what it is. But do they, really?

Microblading in Columbia, SC

So what is this novel brow technique?

Before we delve more into what microblading is, we need to understand the broader category it falls into: permanent makeup, or permanent cosmetics.

Permanent cosmetics is the art of creating makeup looks that don’t wash off at night. For licensing purposes, permanent makeup is considered body art, but it is solely to enhance features. This other post in our blog explains more about permanent makeup.

A Bit Of History

Tattooing has been around for centuries and when the English explorer James Cook visited Polynesia with his crew, England discovered the art of tattooing.

Sutherland McDonald was the world’s first tattoo artist, and he is also rumored to have been the first to explore cosmetic tattooing by tattooing blush on his clients’ cheeks.

Since the beginning, permanent makeup tools have been like those for artistic tattooing. They are usually electric, can be held like a pen and carry a needle at the tip.

An example of a permanent makeup machine in Columbia, SC

An example of a permanent makeup machine

The electric permanent makeup machine uses a needle that deposits pigment into the skin as it swiftly moves in an up and down motion.

Microblading Revolution

Around the year 2015, a new tool appeared in the market for permanent makeup professionals. This was the “microblade,” a handheld tool similar to an exacto knife with a slopped point made up of tiny needles.

The idea was that this tool would allow artists to create extremely natural hair stroke patterns that would resemble natural hair on the brow.

Permanent makeup artists had been creating this look with their permanent makeup machines for years, but the microblade offered an additional benefit: it was semi-permanent.

The non-electric microblade penetrated only superficially into the skin, which meant the pigment deposited wouldn’t last very long. Microblading requires yearly touch-ups and generally lasts between 6 -12 months.

Popularity Boom

The public went nuts with this catchy term. News outlets quickly caught on. They spread the word about this “novel” technique that made sparse eyebrows seem fuller. And it wasn’t a long-term commitment.

Microblading’s semi-permanence made it attractive. It became a half-way point for women who wanted fuller eyebrows, but weren’t sold on permanent makeup.

Permanent makeup can last 3-5 years without a touch up. And, while the color might fade through the years, some pigment will remain visible.

This is why microblading became such a popular term. The problem is people do not understand the difference between “microblading” and permanent makeup and use the terms interchangeably.

Is Microblading For You?

Now that you know the real story behind microblading, you might be wondering if it’s for you.

Like we mentioned above, microblading became sort of a stepping stone for many women who want to ease their way into permanent makeup.

If you have never had permanent makeup on your brow area before and you want to get an idea of what not filling in your eyebrows every morning is like, start off with microblading. When it’s time for your yearly touchup, upgrade to permanent makeup.

If, at this time, you still don’t want to go full in with permanence, choose a very light brown color and it will not last as long as darker ones.

To be a good candidate for microblading, you also must meet skin type requirements and not have had prior permanent makeup on your brows.

Microblading in Columbia, SC

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